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Luna Recruit

If you do Hospitality & Catering, We do you! At Luna Recruit Ltd we cover every and any setting within the Hospitality & Catering Industry. Whether your a client looking for great people to add to your team or a candidate looking for their next upward move, talk to us. 

Algorithms are banned at Luna Recruit. We do not allow computers to pick our people. We hand pick each and every candidate. We know them. Understand what they want, build a relationship with them. We only deal with reputable companies. We like to know that our clients are known for treating people well. We get to know exactly what they require in the setting that they are in. We then put them together and wait for the BOOM!

What We do

What We Do Luna Recruit Ltd Specialises In the Permanent Placement of Industry Professionals within the Hospitality Industry. Initially set to open in April 2019, the Coronavirus came first and put Luna on the shelf for a while. We believed in our idea so much that in April 2021 we resurrected Luna Recruit Ltd and set off on our journey. Navigating the virus as we go we are now proud to say we are on track and our vision is now reality.

Why Luna Recruit?

Clients have asked many times “How do you get quality Chef’s etc when we have been trying for months with no results”.  Obviously I can’t give all our secrets away however what I can say is that we work the same hours as hospitality, 7 days a week, 7am-11pm. We talk the same language. By the time most recruiters are in the office we have already established a relationship with our candidates.

Of course quality people is not the only benefit from using Luna as your “Go To” recruiter, price is also our USP. When Carole was setting her tariff, her aim was to make Luna affordable. Most recruiters charge a minimum of 10% commission, going up to 20% of salary, plus all remuneration . Our strategy is to allow businesses to use us without it hurting too much. Our commission starts at 4% of Base Salary ONLY, going up to a maximum of 10%






Since Luna’s conception we have had the delight of working with some fantastic people and units, all over Kent. One of our Clients recently emailed to say ” Thank you for everything you have done, 2 Weeks ago we had no kitchen, today I traded for the 1st time with the help of my new Head and new CDP, thank you from us all”.

We are a small company, we don’t make promises that we don’t think we can fulfil. If we agree to work together, the party begins…………………..After Carole has got all the little details she needs from either a client or candidate, she will give Sue all the details she needs to start her process. Sue will then immediately add you to the Website, she will do adverts that will hit every major Job Board, usual Socials, Insta, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp. You are live within 4 hours of Sue getting your details. Carole has already begun the search for that perfect fit whilst Sue is getting her side ready. It’s rare that we don’t have interviews on the first week!

The Team

Carole Peel

Owner and Managing Director

Carol Peele

A Hospitality veteran of over 35 years, an intrapreneur of the corporate world, Carole Decided that it was time to go it alone. Luna Recruit Ltd was an idea based on Carole’s experience of using recruiters over the years. Carole says “You know and accept that to use a recruiter you have an added charge, that I can accept. What is a little harder to accept is the poor grade of people they send me I asked for a Sous Chef, they sent me a café cook”. I think the reason for this is that most recruiters are Salespeople. They have little to no knowledge of the industry that they are supplying.
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Sue Simmons

Managing Partner

Sue Simmons

Sue is the glue that keeps Luna (Or possibly Carole) on track and moving. Sue likes to keep in the background, she is calm and orderly. She keeps a strict diary and ensures that Carole keeps to it (Good luck with that Sue). Sue covers Suppliers for Events (Coming in 2023), Accounts, Advertising, Controls Website, All Socials.
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